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HoneyPay is a digital menu app for any kind of store.
Every time you order through HoneyPay you get crypto rewards.


We want to raise 100k from the community to spend on:

✅   Kick-off our sales force with incentives for new signed contracts.

✅    Hire 2 developers to develop our app and merchant backend.

✅    Pay for services for quality in-store marketing.

🏆 Onboard 100 merchants to HoneyPay.

Help fund HoneyPay, the crypto app for the other 99%.

by HoneyPay Team

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Tokyo, Japan

HoneyPay Team

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HoneyPay 2020 Crowdfounding


We are a Tokyo startup that wants to bring cryptocurrencies to the 99% of the population that is missing out on the benefits of cryptocurrencies.

We’ve worked hard to develop the best version (until now!) of the service that we predict will make people start using crypto, some without even knowing it.

Please check the Updates tab 👆 up there to see the full story about HoneyPay, our pivots, our people, and why we believe we’re ready to rock the planet.

HoneyPay: Feature by feature

🔜  Table reservation 

Your customers can reserve tables at your restaurant. Your customers enter their reservation information, – you just need to add the reservation notice to the table.

Beezee will notify you 10 minutes before the reservation, so you can be ready in time for their arrival. You will only be notified if they are nearby the area. If we detect that your reservation are not moving towards your shop, you will be alerted about the missed reservations, so you don’t lose any business in the mean time.

✅  Digital Menu

Our speciality.

Once your customers have been seated, they can access your digital menu using NFC technology (just by tapping their phone on the stickers we will provide you),  they can then immediately start browsing your menu which is updated live from your POS. 

The menu is similiar to those used in apps like Uber Eats, where they can browse all dishes in one scrolling screen. Any Android or iOS users without the HoneyPay app can access it just by scanning the QR code printed on the sticker.

🔜 We will automatically translate to other languages, so everyone can access your menu.


✅  Contactless Ordering 

Customers can order and pay on the spot. Each client can pay for themselves, rather than having to split bills–  we accept all major credit cards, and cash payments. HoneyPay only transmits orders that have been confirmed as paid, Cash Payments have to be confirmed manually.

Each table has it’s own unique code so you are notified which table makes the order and who the order belongs to. This information is sent directly to your POS. That way, you can continue to use the same billing procedures alongside HoneyPay.

✅  Order ready!

Once each order or service is fulfilled, HoneyPay will automatically buzz the customer’s phone, to let them know their order is ready. Or you can continue to call them by their name, or deliver to their table, because we’re still humans afterall!


✅  For desert, sweet discounts

Your own 21st century Point Card.

Once your clients are ready to leave, HoneyPay will automatically send them a small amount of your own digital currency ( aka loyalty points)  for them to come back and use. Next time they come, they will enjoy a discount on top of that, at only a tiny expense from yourselves, giving them a reason to come back again and again.

With every purchase, HoneyPay returns 1% of the bill to each customer in your own digital cryptocurrency, which they can only spend at your business. You are basically tokenizing your craft.

🔜  With multiplier promotions, you can return 2x, 3x, or even 5x of your points. For each promotion we can notify nearby clients with push notifications, so you can turn around a slow day into a profitable night.

🔜  Where should we go next? The HoneyPay Map

Customers that have used HoneyPay at any of our affiliated merchants will be added to the HoneyMap. There we categorize and promote them each one– to bring you even more business.

If you have a multiplier promotion on that day, or you often do, we will display the details next to your business name, so customers browsing the HoneyMap can choose to enjoy your discounts.

🔜  Point Market

We cannot give many details right now, but it is pretty much what you imagine.



Features exclusive for affiliated stores

✅  Square POS Integration

HoneyPay doesn’t change your workflow! HoneyPay connects to your Square account, so all the orders, clients, and statistics that you love will be there.

🔜  Support for other POS

We will integrate with the most popular POS down the line, opening new markets as we go. 

✅  Merchant Portal

Review the success of your Point Card in your business, and learn new techniques on how to improve them. Label and print new QR Codes as needed. Give points to special customers (airdrop).

Can I accepto crypto payments with HoneyPay?

HoneyPay will be ready to accept crypto payments when we find a no-hassle solution for both our affiliated merchants and our clients. We are strong believers of cryptocurrencies and that is why they are the core of our Digital Point Card. Unfortunately, due to tax legislation around cryptocurrencies, we cannot do this without providing a complex experience for first-time users of cryptocurrencies as digital peer-to-peer cash (and that wouldn’t be very useful for cryptocurrency adoption).

If you are interested in helping us achieve the goal of crypto-payments, please reach out to


HoneyPay for your business

Tokenize your craft, and give a small part to your most loyal people. Next time they need your services, they will have a small but sweet discount.


All this is done automatically, when your customers use HoneyPay.


HoneyPay is the new ‘right hand’ for your business– in a simple, but comprehensive app.

With HoneyPay you get:

  • A digital waiter, taking orders directly from your new Digital Menu, and buzzing them when the order is ready. Due to the global pandemic, our services help with reduced 
  • HoneyPay is also your new marketer. Emailing clients when you add an event or promotion to your calendar, or when you have anything relevant to announce.
  • The integrated Digital Point Card will keep customers returning and spending your own digital currency, held in a personalized Digital Point Card.

Setting up honeypay

It’s easy to get set up with HoneyPay–, it integrates with your existing POS in minutes.HoneyPay is currently only available for the Square POS. If we reach our goal, we will integrate with more and more POSs. Please help us with your pledge!

Subscribe to HoneyPay for as little as 50 per month. During the duration of this crowdfounding, the first 3 months will be completely FREE.


£20.00 - £199.00

YOU ARE SO SWEET! You will have your name or pseudonym added to the Backers screen in the HoneyPay apps for Android and iOS. Thank you for believing in us!

October, 2020

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£200.00 - £11,229.00

YOU ARE A HONEYBEE. You will receive a unique Team HoneyPay T-shirt just like the ones we wear! すごい! rn You will have your name or pseudonym added IN BIG LETTERS to the Backers screen in the HoneyPay apps for Android and iOS. We consider you part of the team! Big pledges allow us to grow even faster.

November, 2020

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£11,230.00or more

HONEYPAY INVESTOR (only 5). You mean business and so do we. Be one of the 5 people that invest the same amount of money into HoneyPay. You will be reached first for our next investment round in 2021. If you decide to invest in our next round, this donation will be taken into account. You will have at least 1 monthly call with the team, where we will share problems and progress. You will receive a couple of sizes of our Team HoneyPay T-shirts just like the ones we wear! You will have your name or pseudonym added IN BIG LETTERS to the Backers screen in the HoneyPay apps for Android and iOS. If you would like to review our Investor Deck, Financial Projection, Roadmap, and more documentation before you make the pledge, reach out to us at or at @coiki on Telegram. We will sign an NDA and proceed.

September, 2020

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  • August 1st, 3rd Fork Anniversary

    Launch Crowdfunding Campaign

    On this special day, we decided to ask the community to help us achieve our goal, and benefit the crypto community.

  • October-2018

    AirWallet Proof of Concept

    JB started working on a concept of a BCH and SLP wallet that would send offline transactions through Bluetooth, NFC, and Apple’s file sharing service Airplay. He shows it to Alfonso and they start to think if they could build something out of that.


    The HoneyPay adventure begins…